As we embark on the path of physical detoxification, we soon discover that other layers of toxicity emerge, ones that may not truly belong to us. There’s a profound saying that serves as our guiding light: “Not every thought you think you have to believe.”

Emotional parasites are peculiar entities, subtly embedded in our psyche with a singular purpose – to persist and thrive. These conscious entities subtly engage with our conscious thoughts, often masquerading as the voice of reason. Their primary goal is to deter us from shedding the emotional baggage that burdens our souls, such as feelings of fear, guilt, or other self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions.

But here’s the empowering truth: once we confront these emotional parasites, they are compelled to retreat.

Understanding Emotional Parasites

Before we delve into the process of dealing with these emotional parasites, it’s essential to comprehend what they are. Emotional parasites are like unwelcome guests that have overstayed their welcome. They latch onto our emotional landscape, feeding off negativity, and hindering our personal growth. Picture them as shadows that weigh us down, preventing us from reaching our full potential.

The Role of Emotional Parasites

Emotional parasites are cunning manipulators, skilled in convincing us not to confront them. They infiltrate our conscious minds, using persuasive tactics that make their presence seem necessary. They try to convince us that these emotions are an integral part of our identity, and without them, we’d lose a vital piece of ourselves.

Logic and Reason as Manipulative Tools

These emotional parasites excel at manipulation. They employ logic and reason to create a persuasive narrative within our conscious thought processes. They craft an illusion that removing these parasitic emotions would lead to emptiness or a loss of self. In essence, they turn our own thoughts into a battleground, waging war against our personal growth.

Breaking the Illusion

The first step in dealing with emotional parasites is to expose their deceit. We must recognize that these emotions aren’t an intrinsic part of our true selves. They’re attachments that have formed over time and need to be cast aside for our own well-being. Many of these thought-illusions have been passed down through generations, indoctrinated by society, imprinted upon us by our surroundings, or acquired due to a lack of protective boundaries.

A Practical Approach: The Power of Prayer

One practical tool we can utilize in this battle is prayer. Prayer connects us to a higher source of strength and wisdom, empowering us to confront and eliminate these emotional parasites. It’s important to note that these parasites will do everything in their power to deter us from praying. They may argue that it won’t work or that it’s a futile endeavor. However, we must see through this ploy and understand that prayer is a potent weapon in our arsenal.


The Truth About Removal

It’s crucial to debunk the myth perpetuated by emotional parasites that their removal would lead to their own demise. Removing these parasitic emotions is not an act of cruelty or destruction but an act of self-preservation. It liberates us from the shackles of fear, guilt, and self-sabotage, enabling us to move closer to spiritual ascension.

Understanding the Light Body and Ascension

Our Light Body is like a vessel of pure potential, a channel for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Emotional parasites act as blockages within this Light Body, hindering our journey toward spiritual ascension. To reach our full potential, we must embark on a process of cleansing and purification.

The Removal Process

The process of removing emotional parasites from our Light Body is a journey of self-discovery and healing. It requires us to acknowledge these emotions and the role they’ve played in our lives. We must summon the courage to confront them head-on, challenging the deceptive narratives they’ve woven.

Expect Resistance

As we begin to unravel the emotional parasites’ grip on us, we may encounter resistance. They will fight back using logic, reason, and even emotional manipulation. It’s crucial to persist, understanding that this battle is necessary for our own growth and evolution.

The Role of Faith

Faith plays a significant role in this process. We must have faith in our ability to overcome these emotional parasites and faith in the power of prayer to guide us on this transformative journey. Faith serves as the antidote to doubt, propelling us forward.

The Liberation of Ascension

As we gradually remove emotional parasites, we experience a profound sense of liberation. We rediscover our true essence, unburdened by the weight of negativity and self-doubt. We ascend to higher levels of consciousness, closer to our divine potential.

A Practical Exercise

To aid in the removal of emotional parasites, here’s a simple yet potent exercise:

  1. Place your left hand above your navel or belly button and your right hand on your heart.
  2. Bring to mind the feeling or haunting thought you wish to release from your Light Body.
  3. Say these words aloud with reverence:
    • “This Feeling is not mine.
    • This Feeling does not belong to me.
    • I release this feeling in the Name of Divine Love.
    • Now and forever. Amen.”

Instantaneously, these Emotional Parasites will be removed from your Light Body and Subconscious Mind.

In Conclusion

Emotional parasites are conscious entities that thrive on negativity, impeding our spiritual growth. They employ manipulation, logic, and reason to deter us from addressing them. However, our journey toward ascension necessitates their removal. Through prayer, faith, and self-discovery, we can break free from their grip, cleanse our Light Body, and move closer to our full potential. This is the path to genuine spiritual liberation and self-realization.