Haute at Home

by Haute Healing Oasis

Bring The Oasis Home

Welcome to “Haute at Home” by Haute Healing Oasis, where your personal sanctuary is not just imagined, but meticulously crafted and brought to life.

Founded by the visionary creators and designers, Dr. Jessica Chichester and Dr. Peter Chichester, Haute at Home represents the pinnacle of an innovative concept where science meets spirituality, strength meets flow, and masculine meets feminine. Here, we combine the timeless wisdom of feng shui with ancient and intuitive arts, catering to your heart’s desires and creating the highest vibrational space that is a true reflection of you.

What We Do

  • Personalized Consultation:
    We begin with a call to understand your unique needs and desires, ensuring our visions align.
  • Comprehensive Assessment:
    You’ll fill out an assessment form that dives deep into your preferences, aspirations, and the essence of what you seek to create.
  • Vision Curating Meeting:
    We meet to ensure our alignment and to fine-tune the vision of your healing space, making it as unique as you are.
  • Design & Creation:
    With your vision as our guide, we help cultivate your healing sanctuary, focusing on every detail to ensure it supports your journey of growth and rejuvenation.
woman in meditating

Our Promise

  • Transformative Spaces:
    We craft spa-like rooms that are not just visually stunning but are sanctuaries for healing, peace, and growth.
  • Tailored Experience:
    Every aspect of the design is personalized, from fabric choices to the selection of colors, textures, and elements, ensuring they contribute to your goals and well-being.
  • Holistic Harmony:
    Merging the principles of feng shui with intuitive design, we create environments that enhance your life force, inviting tranquility, creativity, and healing into your space.
  • Dynamic Duo:
    Dr. Jessica and Dr. Peter are not just interior designers; they are your inner architects, crafting spaces that mirror the beauty and complexity of your inner world.

Why Choose Haute at Home

Bespoke Beauty:
Every project is a unique expression of the client’s essence, meticulously designed to reflect your personal style and spiritual journey.

Healing Harmony:
Our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but are infused with elements that promote healing, offering a sanctuary for rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Vibrational Elevation:
Through the strategic use of space, color, and materials, we elevate the vibration of your home, making it a magnet for positive energy and growth.

Embark on a journey with Haute at Home and discover the transformative power of a space that truly reflects the full expression of your being. Let Dr. Jessica Chichester and Dr. Peter Chichester guide you in transforming a room into your personal oasis — a place where every detail nurtures your well-being and fuels your spirit. Experience the magic of a sanctuary designed by Haute Healing Oasis, where your external environment is in perfect harmony with your internal landscape.

Contact us today to create a space that not only embodies the essence of beauty and tranquility but also serves as a catalyst for your personal evolution and joy. Dive into the Haute at Home experience and say “yes” to becoming the architect of your inner and outer worlds. Let us help you cultivate a space where every moment is an invitation to heal, grow, and celebrate the beauty of being you.

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