Over 30 Years of Clinical Studies

MicroLight uses the patented 830 nanometers (nm) wavelength in a Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide (GaAIAs) laser. providing exceptional safe non-invasive relief from pain and inflammation with no side effects!

Over 30 years of clinical studies prove the 830NM range is the optimal wavelength to treat pain and inflammation in the body.  The Microlight is the safest most effective laser available penetrating over 2 inches into the body making it the #1 choice for freedom from pain.

MicroLight is a pioneer in cold laser therapy and the first company with FDA clearance of low-level laser therapy for the non-surgical treatment of pain through adjunctive therapy.

Around the world, laser therapy is rapidly becoming a medical therapy that can heal wounds and fractures up to 60% faster and also reduce the cost of treatment for many conditions. The efficacy of this low-level laser therapy (lllt) is substantiated by continued objective research.

Some of the conditions the MicroLight can help with:

• Acupuncture Points
• Arthralgia/Arthritis
• Back Pain
• Bursitis
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
• Eczema
• Fibromyalgia
• Fissures
• Fractures
• Herniated/Bulging Discs
• Knee Pain
• Injuries
• Migraine Headaches
• Muscle Pains/Spasms
• Neck Pain/Whiplash
• Neuralgia
• Nerve Pain/Radiculopathy
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Post-Operative Pain
• Scar Tissue
• Sciatica
• Sprains/Strains
• Swelling
• Temporomandibular disorders (TMJ or TMD)
• Tendonitis
• Tennis Elbow
• Trigger Points
• Wound Healing

Freedom From Pain

An example of how LLLT works involves soft tissue trauma. These types of injuries consist of damage to the deep, sensitive layers of tissue beneath the epidermis, including muscular, neural, lymphatic, and vascular tissue. The human body normally reacts to this soft tissue trauma by “splinting” the injury with edema, a thin or watery fluid in tissue spaces or cell interstices. However, excess edema causes swelling that inhibits movement of the damaged tissue.

These injuries result in two types of pain. The first is actual traumatic pain from the injury itself, and the second pain is from the swelling that results. LLLT focuses first on the lymphatic system which maintains the body’s fluid balance, while the laser light also helps absorb the excess edema. LLLT thus provides relief in two ways.

The effectiveness of the Microlight Cold Laser is enhanced when coupled with a high quality CBD oil. CBD is a natural plant medicine derived from Hemp that can have tremendous healing effects on the body for a variety of conditions. The Microlight laser is able to essentially push this high quality CBD (cannabidiol) up to 4 inches into the body for deep penetrating relief of painful joint or muscle issues. The main goal of microlight therapy is to decrease inflammation and promote good effective blood flow in the area to enhance the bodies natural healing response.

The MicroLight Laser Double-Blind Study

In response to the dramatic growth of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) among its employees, General Motors conducted a controlled 36-week double-blind clinical study using the MicroLight Laser to treat 116 employees who had CTS.  This study showed a significant improvement in grip strength and range of motion among workers treated with the MicroLight Laser compared to workers treated with a placebo laser. In Houston, Texas, a prominent college of medicine conducted a later double-blind study resulting in a 70% improvement following adjunctive therapy using the MicroLight Laser among the patients in the active group.