Recharge Your Inner Light

with BioCharger

Imagine a world where your well-being isn’t just maintained, but actively revitalized. At Haute Healing Oasis, we believe your body possesses an inherent ability to restore itself and thrive. BioCharger is a revolutionary technology designed to revitalize, rebalance, and boost your energy supply — naturally.

BioCharger is a complementary therapy that offers a gentle and non-invasive approach to support your body in reaching its full potential.


Nature's Symphony for Your Health

BioCharger isn’t your typical wellness device. It works in harmony with your body — not against it. It harnesses the power of nature’s energy fields to rejuvenate and harmonize your body’s energy network. The energies used in BioCharger are:

Light. Think of light as nourishment for your cells. BioCharger uses light from charged gasses, similar to sunlight, to support cellular rejuvenation and assist with nutrient uptake.

Frequencies and Harmonics. Imagine tiny messages that target different cells in your body to assist with mood, discomfort, and energy. BioCharger delivers precisely tuned frequencies that gently nudge and rebalance cells to their natural state, improving your mood, and energy levels, and managing discomfort.

Voltage. A safe, low-voltage electrical current enters the body, harmlessly and gently jumpstarts your cells. This helps recalibrate cells to promote cell renewal.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF). Reconnect your body with its natural rhythm, similar to “Earthing” or “Grounding” with the help of a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF). This technology may help assist your body’s natural restorative abilities and reduce inflammation.

How BioCharger Works:

During a comfortable session, simply stand or sit in a relaxed position approximately 3-5 feet away from the BioCharger. The device emits the four energies — Light, Frequencies and Harmonics, Voltage, and PEMFs. Once the energy waves travel in your direction, your body absorbs them, improving your overall well-being.

Benefits of BioCharger

BioCharger offers a range of potential benefits to support your journey towards optimal wellness.

Achieve Deeper, More Restful Sleep. Realign the mind and the body so you can drift off to sleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed.

Enhanced Focus and Energy Levels. Feel invigorated and ready to tackle the day. Focus without missing a beat, whether it’s for work or play.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety. Find inner calm and manage daily pressures and stressors with greater ease.

Faster Muscle Recovery and Improve Flexibility. Bounce back from workouts more quickly or accelerate muscle recovery while experiencing less joint stiffness.

Body Support from Discomfort. Experience potential relief without relying solely on medication. 


  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Sports injuries
  • And more (consult with your healthcare provider)


About BioCharger

Is BioCharger Safe?

Yes. BioCharger is generally safe for most individuals. However, it’s highly recommended to consult with your doctor before using BioCharger if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic devices.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions varies depending on the individual’s needs and goals. With over 1100 recipes or frequency programs you can choose from, it’s recommended to discuss a treatment plan with our wellness consultant for the best result.

A 5-15 minute session several times a week can benefit the body and boost one’s well-being.

What are the BioCharger “recipes”?

BioCharger “recipes” refer to how the energies are calibrated for your BioCharger session. Here are a few BioCharger recipes you can choose from for your health and wellness needs.

  • Default: For general wellness and wellbeing
  • Nirvana 2.0: For better sleep and relaxation
  • Nitro: Popular for pre-exercise or performance use
  • Athletic Recovery: For athletes looking for a performance and recovery boost
  • Purify Recover: Stimulate and assist the body’s natural recovery and restoration process.

Consult with our wellness consultant for more recipes that are tailored to your needs!

Take Wellness to the Next Level

At Haute Healing Oasis, we believe BioCharger is a powerful tool to support your body’s restorative abilities and boost energy naturally.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how BioCharger can help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Let’s work together to rejuvenate your inner light and embrace a life filled with vitality and joy!