Old Energy is Clearing • New Energy Is Entering • Great Things Are Coming


Energy Medicine is based upon the pseudo-scientific premise that the human body encompasses an energetic “life force” and energy centres (chakras) that keep the body’s cells healthy, functioning and alive. 

Energy clearing is a holistic practice where healers channel universal life force (or healing energy) into a patient to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. Flow, balance, harmony and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during a treatment. Energy Clearing with Dr. Jessica could combine aromatherapy, chakra healing, yogic, shamanic and energy practices, breath work, tapping, sound healing, or crystals to bring the body and mind into a receptive state where transformation is ignited on a multitude of transpersonal levels, including physiologically, neurologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Your energetic body has a crucial role to play towards your wellbeing journey. Here are 5 things everyone needs to know about Energy Healing:


1. Energy Healing is Based on Scientific Fact

Everything in this universe is composed of molecules that are vibrating at various frequencies. The molecules located within our bodies are constantly vibrating and radiating positive or negative, balanced or unbalanced, opened or closed frequencies. When our organs are misaligned energetically and radiating low-vibrational frequencies, it can materialize into physical ailments, like pains, sickness and disease.

2. Energy Medicine Can Help Heal Physical and Emotional Traumas

Our energetic bodies are intertwined with our physical bodies. All the traumas we carry physically, emotionally and psychologically impact the functionality of our energy systems (chakras) and vice versa.

To maintain vibrant health, the body needs its energies to have energetic space to flow freely throughout the body.

When energies become blocked because of traumas, toxins, prolonged stress and muscular constrictions, it creates disturbances in the energy flow in our bodies, which over time contributes to mental, emotional issues and/or ailments and physical disease.

3. Energy Healing is Available to Everyone

There is often a misconception that you need to be spiritual to be open and receptive to energy healing. Energy healing is readily available to everyone who is interested and wiling to receive it.

You don’t need to be spiritual or hypersensitive to energies to benefit from an energy healing treatment. As humans (just like every living being), we all have an energetic body that needs to be balanced and taken care of regularly.

Some energy medicine modalities, like reiki treatments, transcend time and space. Therefore, you don’t have to be located in the same room, city or even country as your energy healer to receive and benefit from energy healing treatment.

4. Energy Medicine is Painless and has no Negative Side Effects

During an energy healing treatment, patients will feel little to no physical discomfort. During the majority of the session, patients will be lying comfortably on a bed while the practitioner non-invasively assesses their aura and releases energetic blockages from the body.

As the blockages are being released and chakras are being balanced, patients will experience a rebalancing process that may evoke a variety of emotions or physical sensations, like tiredness, anger, sadness, emptiness, or light headedness.

This usually occurs when a deeply embedded trauma or attachment is finally released from the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

It is essential to allow your mind, body and soul to acknowledge the trauma that has been released during your energy healing treatment and fill that space with new, light, healing energies.


5. Energy Medicine Works with Almost Every Other Type of Healing

Energy healing therapy has been used to treat various health conditions and complements many other forms of treatments and therapies. Combining holistic therapies, like Reiki Energy Healing, with conventional health treatments can help you optimize your health and wellbeing.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to healing. Energy medicine doesn’t replace Western Medicine and vice versa. But, together various forms of healing modalities and therapies can work in conjunction to effectively support, balance, restore, cure and repair your body. 


HHO creator, founder and co-owner, Rev. Dr. Jessica, is an intuitive energy artist (channeler) who taps into your energy field to help facilitate positive energy and higher frequency living in order for you to reach your highest potential. You will leave a session feeling more restored and balanced, and with clearer insight.

Energy Clearing ($150 a session/$250 couple): using a method similar to reiki. This is done with silence and me tapping into your energy field.

Energy Healing & Activation ($195 a session/$390 couple): introduces various methods of aromatherapy, sound healing, and whatever is intuitively felt to rewire your energy body.

* Not included in memberships


Techniques to Positively Change Your Vibration

 DNA activation is the process of awakening the 12 spiritual energy strands that lie dormant in our DNA.

This dormant DNA is the code to accessing our fullest potential – to awaken the genius and insight that has been sleeping inside of you.

Through this specific energy work, you will begin a series of activations that will speak to your innate coding and take you to the next level, removing the blocks so you can access your calling and true potential.

DNA Healing

As humans, our potential for creativity, love, mathematics, and intellect exceeds far beyond our everyday output. Just the fact that some of us are born prodigies, savants, and virtuosos proves how much more potential our mind, body, and brains are capable of processing. And that potential isn’t unique to the small percentage born that way; we all have the capability, just look at the proof found in acquired savant syndrome.

Our brains are the fastest data processors on Earth, far more efficient than any computer you’ve used. Though it may not seem like it, the human brain is able to calculate up to 38 quadrillion calculations per second, compared to your personal computer, which clocks in at somewhere between one and five billion. That fact alone gives some perspective into our true potential, and proponents of DNA activation believe that by implementing certain practices into one’s life, we can achieve even more.

DNA activation suggests the idea that there is an additional DNA template contained within each of us that goes beyond the double-stranded helix. Proponents say that in reality, there are up to 12 strands ranging in subtlety that can be activated along with our “junk DNA.”

If you think this sounds ridiculous, you should note that our knowledge of genetics is still in a relatively nascent phase as we’re constantly learning more about its sequencing and structure. Just recently, molecular biologists observed three and even four-stranded DNA known as G-quadruplex secondary structures that form in telomeric regions – the ends of our chromosomes that slowly unravel as we age. It has been suggested that studies of how this G-quadruplex DNA affect us could lead to new cancer treatments.

($225 a session) which comes in a series of 3 sessions, done about 10 days apart.

* Not included in memberships

Intuitive Card Readings

The intuitive card readings are used to communicate to the heavens and the angels so that they may guide you on a path of joy and happiness, like a bridge connecting you to the angels so that they can offer their direct support and guidance. The angels are constantly sending us messages but sometimes we are not paying attention or we talk ourselves out of the message we think we are receiving. Intuitive card readings validate what you already know.

From The Highest Source of Love & Light

There are many out there who do readings and I would like to make clear that I am only speaking for myself and how I perform an intuitive reading.

When I work with clients, my readings come from the highest source of love and light as I connect with the higher angelic realms of guides. Prior to any reading, I say a prayer to Jesus and our Father/Mother God asking for divine guidance so that I may be a pure channel of love and light to hear their messages. I need to be of service to my clients by bringing the messages they need to hear from the heavens that are for their greatest good.


It is very important that the client trusts and believes in the messages received. Pulling the cards is based upon the natural law of attraction, and they will provide the exact message you need to hear at that moment. Intuitive readings are not about receiving the winning lottery numbers or who is the love of your life. Rather, it is an insight into your present circumstances and includes suggestions so that you can create the life of your choice.

The angels hear our prayers and know what is in our best interest and in our hearts. Make room for your own intuition and wisdom to fully guide you as your walk your most authentic path in life.

Why Would I Want An Intuitive Reading?

Having an intuitive, compassionate card reading can provide clarity and powerful insight into the answers you need to make decisions and choices in your life. We all have the answers within us, but sometimes we need confirmation.

The angels have a way of telling us exactly what we need to hear. Sometimes we may not even be aware of the underlying issue we need to deal with before we can move on in our lives. We can no longer sweep our problems under the rug and pretend they do not exist.

The intuitive reading helps you to see what has been blocking your pathway to success, happiness, passion and full abundance in your life. The beauty of a professional intuitive reading is that you get new insight about what matters most to you.


Oracle Card Reading with Crystal therapy, herbs, and numberology:
($111 a session. Can be combined with any of the other services for a bundle) 

* Not included in memberships

Crystal Skull Activation & Healing


Why Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls have been the subject of much fascination and speculation over the years. While some people believe that they have healing properties and are connected to ancient civilizations or extraterrestrial beings. It is true that certain crystals and stones have been used in traditional healing practices for centuries, and that they may have certain properties that are believed to promote physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being. 

(Credit: Photo by Rafał Chałgasiewicz/CC by 3.0/Wikimedia Commons)

Quartz – A Powerful Technology

Crystals, especially quartz crystals, can receive, store and transmit energy and information – as crystal radio sets can attest to. Some believe that ancient cultures used crystal skulls as a form of computer, recording and storing ancient wisdom and knowledge to be passed down for generations. Rather than storing this information in a regular crystal that could be lost in time, they used a skull carved out of crystal to represent the receptacle of the human mind or consciousness. The skull remains long after the body, so the crystal skull was designed to last for eternity in a form that would be recognized and not discarded. The key with any computer is to know how to turn it on, and how to work with it in order to store and access information contained within it.

Noted Bio-Crystallographer, Frank Dorland, spent 6 years studying and working with the extraordinary Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, having it famously examined at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratory. He wrote in his classic book on crystals, “Holy Ice – Bridge to the Subconscious”:

“Most ancient civilizations had great respect for the skull, bordering on worship, because it is the container of the intellect, the personality, the being and the soul of a human being during his or her existence on this physical plane. The skull, or head, is the important portion, and the body is merely a mechanism attached to it to serve its needs. In spite of many movies, television shows, comic books, popular literature and medicine bottles, the skull is a symbol of death only to the uninitiated.”

Ancient vs. Modern Crystal Skulls - Who made them, and what is their purpose?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the ancient crystal skulls, with questions regarding who made them, how they were made, and why. There are those who say that they have cosmic origins, or that they are connected to Atlantis and Lemuria. Crystals cannot be carbon dated, so there is no way to date the age of the crystal itself, therefore scientists use electron microscopes to determine what kinds of tools were used to carve them. If there is evidence of primitive carving tools, then the crystal skull is deemed to be ancient.

Quartz is an extremely hard crystal, which is very difficult to carve by hand, so it would have taken years, decades and even generations for the ancients to carve and polish a crystal skull – some say that the shamans would polish the crystal skulls with their hair in order to infuse their wisdom and knowledge into the skull. Some shamans used a crystal skull as a vessel to hold their consciousness at the moment of death, so they could pass their knowing on to their successors.

The Ancient Prophecy of the 13 Skulls

There is a legend that there are 13 ancient crystal skulls that have special powers and are connected to ancient civilizations. According to the legend, these skulls were created by ancient civilizations such as the Maya or the Aztecs, and were used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies. It is believed that the skulls contain ancient knowledge and are able to transmit this knowledge to those who are able to unlock their secrets. Some people believe that the 13 skulls represent the 13 crystal skulls that were used by the ancient Maya in their spiritual practices, and that they are connected to the 13 Mayan calendar cycles. Others believe that the 13 skulls represent the 13 Atlantean crystal skulls that were created by the people of Atlantis and contain knowledge and/or technology from this advanced civilization. 

Either way, 12 of the ancient skulls have been discovered in various countries throughout the planet and it is proclaiming that when the 13th skull is found, the consciousness of humanity will be raised in the planet will be healed. 

Connecting with Crystal Skulls:

Crystals and crystal skulls are amplifiers of thought, energy and intention. They can calm and clear the mind for more profound meditation, and for improved clarity and decision- making. With a crystal skull you can enhance intuition and psychic abilities, facilitate spiritual experiences and guidance, improve grounding and concentration, support the laws of attraction and manifestation, promote peace and calm in any environment, and generally experience whatever you set your mind to.

Reading with Dr. Jess: 

When you say “yes” to a crystal skull energy activation session with Dr. Jess, you’re saying yes to all that encompasses consciousness. This services has you connect with some of the most energized crystals on the planet, as the skulls she houses have be energized by several of the ancient skulls including ET, Sha na Ra, Rainbow, Mayan Blue Jade, to some of the most. 

Crystal Skull Activation & Healing ($225)

Session include: 

  1. Crystal skull grid with energy activation 
  2. Crystal skull card reading
  3. Crystal skull connection 

The angels hear our prayers and know what is in our best interest and in our hearts. Make room for your own intuition and wisdom to fully guide you as your walk your most authentic path in life.

About Jessica:

Jessica is a wellness and spiritual science expert with over 25 years of experience as a yoga instructor, shamanic and herbal medicine practitioner, meditation/mindfulness teacher, DNA activation specialist, energy shifter, and sacred sensuality coach.

With a Masters in Linguistics and a PH.D. in Holistic Life Counseling, she is the creator and owner of Haute Healing Oasis wellness center, which offers a wide range of holistic therapies and technologies to promote overall well-being.

Jessica also facilitates spiritual retreats to South America, and offers coaching services to high-performing clients, specializing in womb healing, sacred sexuality, and awakening archetypes within.

In addition, she is a flavor archaeologist, chef, and food educator, focusing on food as medicine and detoxing while catering to over a dozen food allergies.