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Energy Clearing
Energy Clearing
Energy Clearing

Energy Medicine is based upon the pseudo-scientific premise that the human body encompasses an energetic “life force” and energy centres (chakras) that keep the body’s cells healthy, functioning and alive.

Energy clearing is a holistic practice where healers channel universal life force (or healing energy) into a patient to help balance, heal and remove blockages from the body. Flow, balance, harmony and vitality within the body can be restored and maintained during a treatment. Energy Clearing with Dr. Jessica could combine aromatherapy, chakra healing, yogic, shamanic and energy practices, breath work, tapping, sound healing, or crystals to bring the body and mind into a receptive state where transformation is ignited on a multitude of transpersonal levels, including physiologically, neurologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Dr. Reverend Jessica offers a transformative journey through her comprehensive energy clearing, healing, and activation services. With a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, she guides individuals towards a harmonious and rejuvenated energy state.

Drawing upon a rich tapestry of healing modalities, Dr. Jessica skillfully taps into the intricate web of your energy field. Through her intuitive prowess, she identifies blockages and stagnant energy, applying a range of methods that span across time. From traditional practices rooted in ancient cultures to cutting-edge approaches of today, her holistic approach ensures a profound shift in your energy dynamics.

Guided by her deep connection with spiritual and metaphysical realms, Dr. Jessica facilitates a powerful realignment of your energy body. By utilizing these diverse techniques, she assists in rewiring and recalibrating your energetic pathways, paving the way for greater vitality and transformation.

Embarking on a journey with Dr. Reverend Jessica Scofield Chichester means embarking on a path of profound energetic renewal. Her fusion of time-honored practices and modern modalities offers a unique opportunity to embrace balance, healing, and expansion within your energy field.

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

$300 session, $540 couples

Using a method similar to reiki. This is done with silence and me tapping into your energy field.


Techniques to Positively Change Your Vibration

DNA Activation

DNA activation is the process of awakening the 12 spiritual energy strands that lie dormant in our DNA.

 This dormant DNA is the code to accessing our fullest potential – to awaken the genius and insight that has been sleeping inside of you.

 Through this specific energy work, you will begin a series of activations that will speak to your innate coding and take you to the next level, removing the blocks so you can access your calling and true potential.


DNA Healing

As humans, our potential for creativity, love, mathematics, and intellect exceeds far beyond our everyday output. Just the fact that some of us are born prodigies, savants, and virtuosos proves how much more potential our mind, body, and brains are capable of processing. And that potential isn’t unique to the small percentage born that way; we all have the capability, just look at the proof found in acquired savant syndrome.

 Our brains are the fastest data processors on Earth, far more efficient than any computer you’ve used. Though it may not seem like it, the human brain is able to calculate up to 38 quadrillion calculations per second, compared to your personal computer, which clocks in at somewhere between one and five billion. That fact alone gives some perspective into our true potential, and proponents of DNA activation believe that by implementing certain practices into one’s life, we can achieve even more.

 DNA activation suggests the idea that there is an additional DNA template contained within each of us that goes beyond the double-stranded helix. Proponents say that in reality, there are up to 12 strands ranging in subtlety that can be activated along with our “junk DNA.”

 If you think this sounds ridiculous, you should note that our knowledge of genetics is still in a relatively nascent phase as we’re constantly learning more about its sequencing and structure. Just recently, molecular biologists observed three and even four-stranded DNA known as G-quadruplex secondary structures that form in telomeric regions – the ends of our chromosomes that slowly unravel as we age. It has been suggested that studies of how this G-quadruplex DNA affect us could lead to new cancer treatments.

 ($225 a session) which comes in a series of 3 sessions, done about 10 days apart.

DNA Activation

DNA Activation

$225 a session

Comes in a series of 3 sessions, done about 10 days apart.

Intuitive Card Readings

Intuitive card readings, as practiced by Dr. Jessica Scofield in Chichester, are a unique way to explore the hidden corners of our thoughts and feelings. Unlike fortune-telling, these readings aren’t about predicting the future, but more like peeling back the layers of our subconscious mind to see what’s really going on underneath.

Intuitive Card Readings

Think of it as using a magnifying glass to examine your own thoughts and emotions. It’s like when you have a dream, and you know there’s a deeper meaning behind it. Intuitive card readings help you decipher that hidden meaning.

 Carl Jung, a wise thinker, compared it to making the invisible become visible. Imagine you’re solving a puzzle – these cards are like pieces that help you put together a clearer picture of your thoughts and emotions.

 So, when Dr. Jessica does an intuitive card reading, she’s like a guide, helping you navigate the landscape of your mind. She uses these cards to reveal insights that might be tucked away, giving you a deeper understanding of yourself and your experiences. It’s a way to connect with your inner wisdom and make better sense of your journey.

Intuitive Card Readings
Intuitive Card Readings
Intuitive Card Readings
Intuitive Card Readings
Intuitive Card Readings

Oracle Card Reading

with Crystal therapy, herbs, and numerology

Can be combined with any of the other services for a bundle