Hey Haute Healing Oasis enthusiasts,

In an era where we’re bombarded with the latest diet trends and exercise fads, we sometimes forget about the most natural and primal form of movement: walking. We’re designed for a lifestyle that’s almost extinct, thanks to the conveniences of modern civilization.

Consider this: our ancestors walked around the world while we merely manage to walk around the block! For them, walking was not just a means of movement, but a way of life.

The Ancient Way vs. The Modern Way

An average Hadza hunter-gatherer covers a staggering 15,800 steps daily, more than three times the 5,000 steps the average American clocks in. As we age, these numbers dwindle even further. Unlike our ancestors, who maintained their walking habits and speeds throughout their lifetimes, our stride slows down significantly from our 40s to 60s.

From Egyptian farmers to Viking warriors, from postmen to seamstresses, everyone walked! And they didn’t just walk on flat terrains but navigated hunting trails, carried hefty loads, and sometimes trekked up to 20 miles in a day!

The Sedentary Lifestyle: The Silent Killer

Today, a whopping 75% of our jobs glue us to chairs, increasing risks like heart diseases and backaches. An hour at the gym can’t compensate for almost a whole day of inactivity. The real poison isn’t the lack of exercise, but the abundance of inactivity.

Walking is not just for the fit. It’s the ultimate solution for those with health issues, too. Studies have proven its effectiveness in alleviating chronic pains like back and knee pain.

Reviving The Walking Revolution

Let’s bring back the glory of walking. Whether it’s a leisurely walk in the rain, a challenging trek up a mountain, or a fun-filled walk with kids on your back, it’s time to embrace this fundamental yet overlooked aspect of our biology.

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Now, let’s introduce a modern touch to this ancient wisdom. Did you know that spending just 10 minutes on our Sonix is akin to a 4-mile run? That’s right! And the best part? As a valued member of Haute Healing Oasis, you can relish 20 minutes on the Sonix, supercharged with oxygen. This not only enhances the impact but also amplifies the benefits manifold.

Combine the primal act of walking with the cutting-edge technology of Sonix, and you’re on your way to optimum health. Step into Haute Healing Oasis and walk your way to radical health!


It’s time to make walking a daily ritual. Let’s lace up, step out, and rediscover the joys and benefits of this ancient practice. And when you need that extra push, Haute Healing Oasis and the Sonix await you.

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