At Haute Healing Oasis, co-owned by Reverend Dr. Jessica Chichester and Reverend Dr. Peter Chichester, we believe in the power of shared experiences to deepen the bonds of love and partnership. Our wellness therapies are designed not just for individual health but as a conduit for couples to strengthen their connection. Here’s how you can incorporate our unique wellness services into your relationship, reflecting the practices of the happiest and most connected couples:

1. Express Kindness through Shared Relaxation
Taking time to relax together, such as experiencing our infrared sauna or the soothing effects of the NORS therapy (Negative Ions, Oxygen, Red Light, and Salt), can be a powerful act of kindness. These sessions not only provide health benefits but also show care by prioritizing each other’s well-being.

2. Generosity in Wellness
Offering a session in our hydromassage or an Ionic Detox foot bath can be a wonderful surprise that expresses generosity. These gifts of wellness go beyond the typical to convey deep care and consideration for each other’s health.

3. Constructive Connection during Bemer Vascular Therapy
While engaging in Bemer vascular therapy, which enhances general blood flow and health, couples can use this peaceful time to communicate constructively about their lives, discussing issues calmly and supportively.

4. Share the Responsibility of Health
Just as sharing household chores can strengthen a relationship, jointly committing to regular wellness sessions, like our Couples Tantra Classes taught by us, can enhance mutual respect and harmony. Learning and growing together in these classes fosters a deeper understanding and connection.

5. Celebrate Achievements with Wellness Rewards
After a personal or professional success, why not celebrate with a special treatment at our center? Acknowledging each other’s successes with a wellness treat like a session in our infrared sauna can amplify the joy and satisfaction in your relationship.

6. Strengthening Bonds as Best Friends
Participate together in wellness activities that both enjoy, such as a relaxing Hydromassage or our Haute Healing Tours Retreats. Shared experiences like these can reinforce why you are best friends and partners in life, enhancing your emotional bond.

7. Maintain Intimacy with Regular Wellness Dates
Regular visits to our center for therapies like the NORS can become special ‘wellness dates’ that keep the physical and emotional intimacy alive in your relationship, supporting the once-a-week intimacy ideal noted by researchers for maintaining happiness.

8. Build Emotional Support during Therapy Sessions
Utilize sessions in our soothing environments, like the Ionic Detox foot bath, to offer emotional support and openness. These serene settings provide the perfect backdrop to communicate understanding and empathy without distractions.

9. Foster Positivity with Every Visit
Each visit to Haute Healing Oasis can be an opportunity to practice positivity, from encouraging words during a challenging therapy session to compliments about commitment to health and wellness.

10. Practice Empathy in Peaceful Settings
During quiet moments in our infrared sauna or while enjoying the Bemer therapy, focus deeply on each other’s thoughts and feelings. This peaceful time allows for genuine empathy, making each session a nurturing experience for your relationship.

At Haute Healing Oasis, we are dedicated to not only enhancing your health but also enriching your relationships through shared wellness experiences. Join us to nurture your partnership in a meaningful and healthful way.