Greetings to our cherished community! We are Dr. Peter and Jessica Chichester, the passionate souls behind Haute Healing Oasis and the Center for Consciousness. As we welcome the newness of 2024, we invite you to join us in a profound 21-day journey of fasting, prayer, and rejuvenation.

The Essence of Our 21-Day Journey:
This journey is an exploration into the depths of your inner self, a time to pause, reflect, and reconnect. As we collectively engage in fasting and prayer, we also encourage you to enhance this transformative experience with the holistic services offered at Haute Healing Oasis.

Integrating Haute Healing Oasis Services:
During this period of cleansing and purification, immersing yourself in the therapies and treatments available at Haute Healing Oasis can significantly amplify your experience. Our services are designed to support and elevate your mind, body, and spirit, creating a harmonious balance that complements your fasting and prayer practice.

Benefits for Mind, Body, and Spirit:
1. Mind: Our mindfulness and meditation sessions are tailored to help clear mental clutter, offering you a serene space to reflect and gain clarity. These practices, combined with fasting, can lead to enhanced cognitive function and a profound sense of inner peace.
2. Body: Physical therapies such as massage, yoga, and detox treatments work synergistically with fasting to cleanse and rejuvenate your body. This holistic approach aids in eliminating toxins, improving physical vitality, and fostering a deeper connection with your body.
3. Spirit: Spiritual guidance and energy healing sessions at our center are designed to deepen your spiritual journey. These services, in tandem with prayer, can heighten your sense of connection to a higher power and enrich your personal spiritual experience.

The Synergy of Fasting and Our Services:
Engaging in our holistic services while fasting creates a powerful synergy. This combination accelerates the process of purification and healing, making the 21-day journey not just a spiritual quest, but a comprehensive wellness experience.

Your Fasting Path Options:
• Complete Fast: A profound commitment to deep introspection.
• Partial Fast: A nurturing approach with a focus on liquids.
• Dietary Fast: Conscious exclusion of certain foods for physical and spiritual clarity.

Fasting for Younger Participants:
A gentle sugar fast is suitable for our younger members, ensuring their well-being while they partake in this journey.

Designing Your Personal Fast:
We encourage you to tailor your fasting practice, listening to your body and spirit, and complementing it with the services at Haute Healing Oasis.

This 21-day journey is an opportunity to transform and renew. By combining fasting and prayer with our holistic services, you embark on a comprehensive journey of healing and self-discovery. We, Dr. Peter and Jessica Chichester, are here to support you every step of the way as we embrace the beauty and potential of 2024 together. Join us in this journey of awakening and experience the profound impact it will have on your mind, body, and spirit.