“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them” – Michael Jordan

Oftentimes, the roadblock to achieving health, wellness, and fitness goals isn’t physical—it’s mental. The challenge lies not in our bodies but in our minds, specifically our mindset. Even with perfectly laid out goals and steps, the wrong mindset can set you up for failure.

To reach your fitness aspirations, steer clear of these self-defeating thoughts:

– “Losing weight is too difficult…”
– “I’ve managed to lose weight before, but it always finds its way back…”
– “I don’t deserve my ideal body…”
– “I’m simply not good enough…”
– “Discipline is something I lack…”
– “My motivation fizzles out quickly…”

Such beliefs breed negative thoughts, leading to actions (or lack thereof) that reaffirm these negative beliefs. This creates a cycle of frustration and feelings of inadequacy.

Breaking this cycle starts with a new DECISION:

– “I’ve decided that following my plan most of the time will make losing weight straightforward…”
– “I’ve decided I deserve my ideal body and I know how to get it…”
– “I’ve decided I have the discipline and motivation to see this through…”

Essentially, beliefs are decisions we make, and these decisions are within our control every day.

The first step is believing you can achieve your goals. 

The second? Visualize the success you desire.

If you dream of rocking a swimsuit this summer, imagine how fantastic that will feel. Take it a step further and shop for the swimsuit in your desired size. If playing with your kids pain-free is your goal, visualize this joyful scenario. Sharing your ambitions with loved ones can solidify your commitment and keep you accountable.

So, for success in your health and fitness journey:

– Identify and discard negative thoughts.
– Adopt new, empowering decisions.
– Visualize your desired outcome.

Ask yourself, what outcome am I seeking, and what steps are necessary to achieve it?