In the span of a few weeks, my world crumbled. The death of several close friends left a void filled with grief. At the same time, my family faced its own battles: my children fell ill, I grappled with mental illness, and my husband suffered from a life-threatening condition. Amid this turmoil, a message from a friend and shaman suggested a path I never expected to take—Ayahuasca. This invitation wasn’t merely an escape; it was a beckoning to a journey that resonated with a curiosity kindled in my childhood.

My fascination with the therapeutic potential of psychedelics wasn’t new. As a teenager, I explored psychedelics and even debated their therapeutic use in a 20-page paper. However, lacking guidance and integration, I turned away from this path, choosing instead to battle depression on my own. My method of coping morphed into obsessive exercising, a self-prescribed remedy that eventually took its toll after two decades of relentless pursuit. Despite achieving the rank of one of the world’s top 10 strongest women and earning a place in the Hall of Fame, my accomplishments felt hollow. My body ached, my self-image was shattered, and my relentless comparisons to others left me feeling empty.

The pursuit of physical perfection led me down a path of further self-alienation. I underwent surgeries for breast and butt implants, adding 10 pounds of silicone to my body, which only compounded my suffering. The pain and anxiety I endured were magnified by the silence and shame surrounding my decision. For nearly a decade, I bore this burden alone, until the transformative power of plant medicine illuminated a new path.

My initial journey with Ayahuasca wasn’t just an experience; it was an awakening. I connected deeply with a shamanic tribe, realizing that the medicine I had once explored in my youth was calling me back. This time, however, I was ready to embrace it fully. The profound impact of this encounter steered me toward my life’s purpose: to guide others through their transformative journeys with plant medicine.

The retreat we at Haute Healing Tours offer is not just a departure from the ordinary; it is a gateway to self-discovery and healing. It’s my honor and life’s mission to share this with our community. Over the course of a week, participants are immersed in the shamanic way of life, integrating traditional plant medicines with the rich tapestry of tribal culture. This unique blend of spiritual and cultural immersion is the culmination of years of research and dedication, crafted to provide an experience unlike any other in the world.

I invite you to explore this journey, not just as an escape, but as a step towards finding yourself. Our retreat offers more than just an experience—it offers a passage to transformation and healing. We understand the commitment this journey entails, which is why we offer flexible payment plans and detailed insights to prepare you for this life-changing experience.

Visit our website to learn more about this unparalleled retreat. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of embarking on this journey, I’d love to discuss what makes our retreat so unique. Please let me know when you’re available for a chat in the next few days. I look forward to diving deeper into this transformative experience with you and addressing any questions you might have. Together, let’s explore the path to healing and self-discovery.