STYKU 3D Body Scan

Styku uses state of the art technology to scan your entire body in just 35 seconds. Measuring millions of data points to recreate a perfect 3D avatar of your body with 99% accuracy.

From Every Angle

The Scale Is Misleading…

People often rely on the scale to monitor their progress when they begin a weight wellness goal, but a scale only tells a small part of  the overall picture.  Styku allows you to see in real time the progress you are making. You can see where your losing the weight and where you might want to focus more attention.

Styku is truth, and truth is power. There’s never been a more powerful, precise, and complete presentation of physical assessment data than Styku— HHO members receive 1 free 3D scan a month that will be emailed to you so you can monitor and track your monthly progress.

A Sophisticated 3D Scanning Mechanism

Styku collects and displays levels of fitness both in traditional numerical terms but also through stunning 3-dimensional modeling. Measurement data, shape, body composition, and other information are processed and displayed so you can track real changes in your body as it responds to exercise and nutritional guidance. You’ll see yourself as you really are, and you’ll see your progress as you’ve never seen it before.

What Is Styku in 90 seconds

Using the profile overlay allows you to see your fat loss and body contouring results over time

Unmatched Accuracy

Styku uses artificial intelligence to predict body fat directly from your waist, hip, and anthropometric measurements. making it one of the most precise body measurement technologies ever created.  No need to schedule hydrostatic weighing or a DXA scan; Styku is a precise and reliable way to predict lean and fat mass and bone mass.