Welcome to 2023! As we enter a new year, it’s important to understand the energy and vibrations that surround us. In numerology, the number of the year can give insight into the themes and opportunities that will present themselves throughout the year. This year, 2023 is a 7 year, and it’s a powerful one!

The energy of 7 is associated with truth, wisdom, change, and evolution. This year invites us to turn within and accelerate our spiritual growth through introspection, analysis, and research. The tarot’s Major Arcana also associates the number 7 with The Chariot card, signaling progress, completion, and movement. This suggests that 2023 is a year of forward momentum and transformation.

The 7 year perspective sees life as a series of sacred cycles – a constant unfolding of beginnings and endings that never ends. This year, we have the opportunity to gain spiritual wisdom and mastery through looking honestly and deeply at the meaning and manifestation of “as within, so without.”

At Haute Healing Oasis, we understand the importance of being conscious of the energy that is moving and manifesting within and without. Our advanced technologies and energy healing services allow you to work with the energy of 2023, to make the most of this transformative year. With over a dozen carefully selected wellness services that are designed to enhance your body’s chemistry, you can upgrade your entire being, including your emotions and neural functions. This ensures that any physical changes you make to improve your health will have a lasting impact and enhance your overall mindset. Our technologies release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Our facility is at the intersection of science and spirituality, offering services such as chakra healing and energy healing that have been studied for over 20-40 years, with proven ability to change the body’s physical and emotional state.

At Haute Healing Oasis, our energy healing services are designed to help activate your spiritual DNA, clear blocks, rewire your coding, and give you peace, clarity, joy, and insight. Our approach is a fusion of various techniques, combining the best of science and spirituality to bring you the ultimate healing experience.

We invite you to join us at Haute Healing Oasis for a journey of self-discovery, healing, and evolution. Our services are specifically designed to align with the energy of 2023, to help you tap into the power of this 7 year and see what it has in store for you. Let’s ride the chariot of change and see where it takes us. See you soon!