“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” ~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and this is true. A child is the collection of ideas, patterns and information in which they are raised. How can we expect a better outcome from a future generation unless we understand and fix the issues that we collectively struggle with every day? Let’s take a deeper look into the subconscious mind and the trap in which we are collectively stuck.

If we truly want to access our full potential and lead the life of our dreams, then we need to continually research, learn and embrace new healing mediums that allow us to excel along this life journey. This magazine and others like it are treasure troves in this regard, allowing us to sift and sort and explore what works best for each one of us. As spiritual beings, we are on a quest to live our best life and share information that we have found valuable with others, in hopes that they too will find similar benefits as we grow and improve together.

Through scientific research, we understand that up to 70 percent of our thoughts can be disempowering and from a prerecorded “subconscious program” that is formulated by the time we turn seven years old. For some of us, this program continues to control up to 95 percent of all our day-to-day actions seemingly on autopilot and without conscious thought.

HALT is an acronym used in Alcoholics Anonymous that stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. These emotional states can be especially triggering, since we are more susceptible to self-destructive behaviors when our basic needs are not met. In fact, we are often in some variation of HALT and see life as a struggle, but we don’t actually see life clearly. This dissociation is a result of our subconscious mind taking control, because life is not working out the way we want—and our conscious mind wants an empowering life.

When feelings or emotions such as anxiety, fear or embarrassment are elevated, our pre-programmed “affective filter” triggers our mind to put up our protective walls, thus blocking cognition and rational thinking. So if 70 percent of our behaviors are disempowering and the root cause is the subconscious mind, then what is the solution? How do we answer the questions that we all struggle with? How can I become my best self if I can’t sleep or process trauma effectively? How can I be clear, creative and have the best loving relationship with others if I’m permanently tired, depressed, stressed out and/or in pain? How do I switch from a state of disempowerment and fear to a powerful, peaceful being when I’m stuck in the same subconscious cyclical loop?

Enter PSiO, a state-of-the-art therapeutic treatment that uses specially programmed combinations of visual and auditory frequencies that effectively help you “let go”. There are over 150 different programs available from PSiO to help with sleep issues, stress/anxiety, low energy, brain fog, pain, eating disorders, trauma, positive relationships, addictions and more.

This technology is completely safe, has no side effects and has been used for over 20 years in recovery rooms, sleep laboratories and hospitals to replace or reduce painkillers and sedatives that are normally administered alongside local or loco-regional anesthesia to counter stress during surgery.

PSiO achieves its benefits by redirecting the conscious mind’s attention using sounds and colors that stimulate the auditory and visual centers—thereby diverting attention away from the brain’s constant chatter and focusing instead on the audio-visual stimuli. In other words, by focusing on the colorful scenes of the PSiO, the incessant chatter and self-defeating soundtrack inside your brain subsides and in essence can help rewrite the subconscious code for a better, more dynamic life in all areas and relationships.

We all know the incredible health benefits that meditation can provide, but many of us struggle to attain the mystical “flow state” in which transcendence can occur. PSiO allows the user to reach this elusive flow state much faster and easier, as the brain is unable to focus on all the daily worries, fears and stress that is causing unhappiness. The vibrant colors and soundscape provided by PSiO can teleport us to a land of deep relaxation and healing, rewriting the programs we’ve grown into.